How to Increase Email Response Rates

images (9)Email append services and other Web-based tools come in handy in your email marketing campaign. But you can’t fully rely on technology to do all the work for you. You can maximize the potential of the email platform by paying attention and following these quick tips to increase email response rates.

Maintain a clean email list. Minimize outdated or incorrectly formatted addresses, and you can expect a higher deliverability rate. This means more messages delivered accurately to your target recipients. Did you know that a clean email list will also make ISPs happier because they have less work blocking email messages or routing them to the junk folder?

List fatigue should also be prevented. The more emails you send (especially if your target recipients expect or want less when they signed up), the lower your open rates will be. Avoid wearing out your list like this, because there’s the danger of your recipients deleting the messages, leaving them simply unopened, or unsubscribing from your list. Respect your recipients’ choices – offer a Preferences page and know from there their frequency options.

Email appending and related optimized services also help you gauge several markers, including your list’s age. How old your list is affects your open rate, and not unlike traditional direct marketing targets, the most useful and enthusiastic recipients are the newest ones. Capture new subscribers’ interest immediately; send a Welcome message, set their expectations, provide a Sign Up freebie like a free report, and state benefits. Send them special offers from time to time to keep them happy and in your email list.

As for reinvigorating your inactive subscribers, send them an email notice, telling them that (1) they can either let you remove them completely from your subscribers list, or (2) they can click the Re-subscribe list and keep enjoying the benefits of “staying within the family.” You may also test an offer on that particular segment to see if their interests are still aligned with your product or service.

The seemingly small details should never be underestimated as well. For instance, it’s a must that you write clear, informative subject lines, because you have about two seconds and 50 characters to tell your readers what you’re all about, your offerings, and why they need to open your email. Make sure the subject is eye-catching, yet sincere all the way. Be direct to the point: put a call to action and a benefit to get your targets excited about having a relationship with your site or company.

Email append services will help you increase response rates on sales contact programs and marketing opt-in campaigns, mainly through the use of enhanced contact information. Appending email to a postal address contact record adds critical information to the overall contact data, enhancing your CRM with clean and updated data. Apart from maintaining the integrity of your email list, you should also keep focused on your marketing efforts so as not to put them to waste.

Enhance contact information of your marketing opt-in campaigns by using email append services.

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